Wooten Road: Is it a county or private road?

Staff Writer

A discussion over whether the county should take responsibility for a road not marked as an official county road on the city map was tabled at Monday’s commissioners court meeting.
The issue was brought to the court’s attention by Brian Klinksiek, county road and bridge administrator, that Wooten Road was not previously marked on the county’s map and that the city had worked to maintain the road in the past. The road in question is less than a mile long and resides in precinct three.
Klinksiek proposed it has been presumed as a county road, but due to a possible oversight when the map was created, had never been labeled as one. However, recent discussions on fixing some potholes in the road led to the question of whether or not it was the county’s responsibility.
“It seems to be an oddity that wasn’t properly addressed back in 2007 when we had the map made,” said Klinksiek. “The county forces have patched it in a number of occasions, but it does not show up as a county road.”
Although a lengthy discussion was held the court decided to table the issue for another time.