A/C unit bid search approved by Howard County

Staff Writer

At their meeting Wednesday afternoon, Howard County Commissioners considered several purchase requests from county departments, including a request for air conditioning and dehumidification units for the District Courthouse.
"It's come to our attention that, not only are some of those units worn out and need to be replaced – and it looks like we'll be replacing them some at a time instead the whole bunch of them – but we also were concerned about dehumidifying the basement to make sure that records don't deteriorate."
County Head of Maintenance Baldomar Cortez spoke to the commissioners about the issue.
"The most important units are going to be the office units which would narrow it down to, like, five units rather than seven," he said. "A couple of them are having issues with them working or making noise, or switching over from heat to cool. They're old systems. It's time to get them updated. We'll try to get something with an economizer on it, so that they're not pulling 100 percent fresh air from outside. There's probably a total of about 10 or 12 units that need to be replaced."
Cortez told the commissioners that, while he hasn't gone out for bids on the units yet, industry representatives have told him units similar to the ones under consideration usually run around $4,500, installed.
Commissioners voted to give Cortez permission to seek bids on three units for now, with plans to gradually replace the rest of the units over time.
See Thursday's Herald for the rest of the story.