'Ace' Little to reach broadcasting milestone

Gentry “Ace” Little, the voice of KBST radio sports and news, will hit a career high Thursday night during the Howard College Hawks basketball game when he calls his 1,200th competition.
During his 34-year radio broadcast career, Little has broadcasted all types of high school and college games enthusiastically calling out play-by-play of game action for “his teams.”
And when he is behind that microphone relaying the fast-pace action, Little isn’t just trying to make the game interesting for his listening audience, he really is that team’s biggest fan. He is ecstatic when they are doing well, frustrated when they play sloppy, and heartsick if they lose that oh-so-close game.
Of course, his team changes daily depending on what game he is announcing that night. On Mondays he hopes the Howard Hawks are flying, while on Tuesdays he’s a true black and gold Steer fan and then on Wednesdays his is all about Coahoma Bulldog or Forsan Buffaloes pride.
“My dream is for every high school kid to have a chance to win state, because I’ve been there and I know what it takes,” he said. “I’ve seen how the town reacts just for a chance at state. There is nothing like winning state and each state championship that I’ve done is different.”
Ace Little loves sports, game day, and his career.
“I have the same enthusiasm now that I had back then (when he first started),” he said. “You have to…there is somebody out there that is a relative, neighbor — somebody that can’t see little Johnny or can’t see little Janey play basketball and they want to hear their name on the radio. You have to be just as enthusiastic about them as you do for the parents sitting behind you with radios or now iPhones listening.”
“I want people to hear it and if I can get people to hear it then…maybe I can get them to the games,” he said. “If I can get them to the games and listen, then I solve two problems. They are supporting the team and they are listening to me.”

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