Aquatic center closed for repairs this summer

Due to damage caused last month, the Aquatic Center will not be opening for this season. Repairs are expected to be completed for next year.
Roger Cline
Staff Writer

Staff Writer
Sorry swimming at the Russ McEwen Family Aquatic Center this summer.
An accident at the center has caused extensive damage to the building which houses pumps and other vital equipment that operates the pool.
"We had hired a construction company to lift a pump from under the slides - the water slide pump. Because of the rain, they had to shut everything down and take cover," said Big Spring Community Services Director Hayley Herrera. "When that happened, they left, and so did our city staff. Our city staff was not operating the crane, the contractors were. When everyone came back the crane had gone into the building."
Herrera said the damage was too great to repair in time for swimming season, this summer.
"It went into the side of the building that houses the mechanical room, the pump room, the chemical basically the heart of the building that makes the pool run," she said. "That's where the bulk of the damage was done."
The city plans to fix the pool over the summer, Herrera said.
"We are planning on doing repairs, and hopefully we'll be have it running for the regular schedule next year," she said.

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