A Blessing Box of knowledge

Staff Writer

Big Spring resident Eric Escamilla wears a lot of hats.
He’s a Farmer’s Insurance agent, a candidate for Big Spring City Council, and a mini-food bank operator through the Blessing Boxes he helped institute throughout the city.
Now, Eric Escamilla is a librarian.
“It’s called the ‘Phone Book Library,’ and the reason is, because you have a phone booth, and you put a book in it,” Escamilla said. “So that’s why it’s a Phone Book Library. A little girl came up with that, actually.”
The result is a brightly-painted oblong box filled with shelves of books. Books donated by local citizens, that anyone can come and take at any time. For free.
Escamilla said he’s had the idea for the Phone Book Library for a while now.
“Since before the Blessing Box, honestly,” he said. “I think that’s the reason I had held off on making the Blessing Box for so long. Then once I had put up the Blessing Box, I realized that I just need to move forward with getting the Phone Book Library up. I knew that food is important, but if we’re going to feed the body, I have to make sure that I provide a source to feed the mind also. That’s the whole idea behind it.
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