BSHS standout student athlete signs with Eastern Connecticut State University

Jordan Parr
Sports Editor

BSHS senior Rachel McCalister signed a academic/athletic scholarship Thursday morning at Big Spring High. Rachel will study biology and physiology as she works on her pre-med degree while continuing her outstanding track career at Eastern Connecticut State University. Not only did Rachel receive an athletic scholarship from Eastern Connecticut State, she also received over $50,000 in scholarship money for her academic success as well.
Rachel is a perfect example of how handling yourself inside the classroom with the same dedication and commitment as you do on the field of play pays dividends that sports alone cannot. “Rachel is a great student, a great athlete, and an overall great citizen” said BSHS principal Mike Ritchey at the signing ceremony. He continued saying “Rachel is an example of what a great student athlete looks like. She put in the time and the commitment in the classroom the same way she does on the track”.
Congratulations and good luck to Rachel and her family from everyone in Steer Nation.