BSHS votes for favorite teachers

Staff Writer

Big Spring High School takes pride in every teacher and the unique personalities and skills they bring to the students at BSHS.
This week, students voted for their favorite male and female teachers and two shined above the rest.
English I teacher Brian Moss was selected as the male, while Art teacher Andrea Phinney was selected as the female.
“I didn’t expect to win,” Moss said. “There are so many very good teachers here that I did not expect that a first year teacher would have a chance at winning.”
Moss believes that his success on relating students is based on one thing: caring for student.
“Any time that you just care, listen to kids, and just try to help them through those hard parts in their life that it gives you a better understanding of what they’re going through,” Moss said. “It allows you to connect with them on a different level than the actual teaching portion of your day.”
It has been noted by many students and staff that Moss is a frequent spectator at his students’ extracurricular activities, both athletic and academic related.
“I just love seeing our kids be successful in all of their activities,” he said. “I love being able to support our kids and having our kids see us, not just as teachers, but as an active part of their whole educational experience.”
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