Burger Bash Fundraiser

Amber Mansfield
Staff Writer

Lets have a bash, a burger bash that is. Howard County residents are banning together once again to help out those in need of help. A “Burger Bash” Fundraiser is being held for the four families that suffered complete home and materials loss in the fires that occurred in the Big Spring and Howard County areas on May 7.
Two locals in the community decided to take action and help these families in their time of need, which shows as a perfect example that even though they may not know each other, Big Spring residents always have each other's backs.
“There were four families that lost everything, from their homes to everything inside from the fires,” said Mike Richardson, one of the locals responsible for the Burger Bash Fundraiser. “Porsha Bryant asked me if I would want to help put on a burger bash to help out these families. My answer was an immediate yes.”

For the full story, please see Tuesday's edition of the Herald.