City council OKs cell phone tower construction

Staff Writer

During Tuesday’s Big Spring City Council meeting, a representative for a company that locates sites for T-Mobile communication towers requested a special-use permit to build another cell phone tower in Big Spring.
With more and more cell phones being used everyday, and internet and data speeds constantly need upgrading to handle these faster capabilities, old towers and systems have to be upgraded as well to accommodate for these larger service areas, according to representative David Draper.
“We determined that retail zoning was the only thing that was going to work, the rest was just residential,” Draper continued. “There is a cell site on the north side of town and a cell site on the south side of town. I wish they didn’t have to go anywhere, but in order for phones to work and 911 calls and those kind of things, we have to have coverage in those areas.”
The communications tower is planned to be constructed at the intersection of Main and 12th Street. The request was approved by the council and the permit was granted for the 150 foot wireless communication tower.