County road projects reaching final phases

Staff Writer

Residents around town may soon get to see some of the road construction end as the county begins to wrap up what’s left of a road grant project, according to the county road and bridge administrator.
Many residents have come across a road a detour, or a road block during their daily commutes the past couple months. Several of those projects are beginning to reach the final phases of completion and according to Brian Klinksiek, Howard County road and bridge administrator, could be finished as early as September.
“They have completed the first section, along north Midway,” said Klinksiek. “So in the next month we should see the project probably finish.”
Klinksiek also brought seven road boring permits to the Howard County Commissioner's Court Monday for approval with three in Precinct 1, one in Precinct 2, and five in Precinct 4. The permit in Precinct 2 was in conjunction with another proposal for a pipeline access on the south side of Midway road.
“Starting just in the vicinity of Denton and running west,” said Klinksiek. “It is in a residential neighborhood, and I have received assurances that they would make sure that they would cross under driveways and not disrupt residents as much as possible.”