Cross it off your bucket list

HERALD photo/Roger Cline
Staff Writer

The Wagon Wheel Drive-in is a Big Spring landmark, and Thursday, a Texas-roving television show was in town to record a segment featuring the restaurant. During the segment, host Shane McAuliffe sampled a Wagon Wheel Pizza Burger and commented on the combination of cheeses, marinara sauce, and good Texas beef.
"The name of the show is 'The Texas Bucket List,'" said McAuliffe. "We're currently shooting for our fall and spring seasons. This will be our ninth and tenth seasons of the show. We've been on since 2013, and we come on in Midland/Odessa on CBS 7, and we come on in Abilene on KTXS, but we come on on 22 television markets in the state of Texas."
McAuliffe said he and his crew travel around Texas discovering new experiences for their viewers.
"The show is pretty much everything you have to see, do, and experience in the Lone Star State before you kick the bucket," he said. "It's not just about the experiences themselves, but the stories behind them, and the people that make them. And what makes them important to the towns, and what makes them important to Texas."
McAuliffe said he never knows exactly when a certain segment will air in advance, but those interested in watching it can keep an eye on the show's website and Facebook page at and