Former 'internet godfather' speaks on cybercrime at HC

HERALD photo/Roger Cline Brett Johnson, a former cybercriminal known as the "internet godfather" speaks at the Howard College Foundation Speaker Series event Wednesday night at the Hall Center for the Arts. Johnson, now a cybercrime consultant, discussed his life, the nature of cybercrime, and how to prevent it during his presentation.
Roger Cline
Staff Writer

President John F. Kennedy once famously quoted a "Chinese curse": "May you live in interesting times." Brett Johnson, the speaker in Wednesday night's Howard College Foundation Speaker Series at the Hall Center for the Arts, has lived in – and created – some "interesting times" over the years.
Johnson, known as the "internet godfather," was once an identity thief, hacker, credit card fraudster who earned the title "USA's most wanted cybercriminal" before being caught and imprisoned for his crimes.
About 60 people turned out for Johnson's speech, which was sponsored primarily by several local banks, including State National Bank, Prosperity Bank, and Western Bank; as well as by Towneplace Suites by Marriott.
Johnson now works as a consultant on cybercrime, lending his expertise to law enforcement, up to and including the FBI; major financial institutions; technology and security firms; retailers; academic groups; news media; and individuals worldwide.

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