FUMC’s Bill Ivins takes over pastor’s position in Amarillo

Staff Writer

Gifts, stories, laughter, and a few tears marked the farewell reception Sunday morning for First United Methodist Church’s Pastor Bill Ivins, who is moving to Amarillo to take over the pastor’s position at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Sunday was Ivins’ final worship service as pastor at Big Spring’s First Methodist.
“Well, I’m sad. I really am. This has been a great six years, and this church and this community have embraced me in a way that I’ve never experienced at any other church or community,” Ivins said. “And so I’m leaving behind a lot of friends, not only in this church but in the community at large. I’m just going to miss Big Spring.”
Ivins said he’s formed some solid friendships in Big Spring.
“I told the folks at the 9 o’clock service that this is the first town I’ve lived in where I can honestly say that I’ve been able to develop friendships, because people tend to hold pastors at arm’s length. They often don’t include pastors really in their lives,” he said. “But I’ve developed some very good friendships here. It’s sad to leave that behind. But I’m excited about moving to Amarillo. It will be a new adventure, and I’ll just wait and see what God has in store.”

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