Grace Fellowship Craft Show

Staff Writer

Christmas is in full swing with gift giving being an integral part of the holiday season. It can be a little stressful finding just the right gift for those on your "good list," and sometimes you just need a little Heavenly guidance to get through the holiday shopping. That's why Grace Fellowship Church will be hosting a craft show for the public of Howard County, inviting local residents to come find a special gift for a special someone.
Grace Fellowship Church of God, 603 Tulane Ave., will host the Grace Fellowship Craft Show Saturday, Dec. 8, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
“Grace Fellowship has been doing the craft fair for at least five years that I have known of...could be longer,” said Sam Denton, President of the Women's Ministry. “The proceeds are for the Women’s Ministry: Women of Grace. It does allow us to give back to the women in the ministry by providing them funds to be able to go to retreats or assist them in any way we can, by sending flowers if in the hospital, or providing meals to the family for women who are 'out of pocket.'"
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