Howard County to implement Vote Centers

Vote centers were approved for Howard County and will be used in the upcoming May 4 election
Amanda Duforat
Managing Editor

And the verdict is in ...
Howard County gained status as a vote center county. The new status took effect March 11 and makes Howard County one of 40 plus counties in Texas to switch to the program. 
“Voting centers offer the voters more places to go on election day to casts their ballot that might be closer to work, school or running errands, without having to be tied to their homoe precinct location,” Jodi Duck, said. 
“Keeping the same locations for every elections will help minimize confusion. Voting methods have never been easier to make your vote count,” Duck said. “I am so very excited that Howard County has decided to make the switch to vote centers.
Duck went on to say that this switch did not come without lots of planning and examining from all those involved. The result will benefit the voters by providing more access to voting locations. 
If you are not yet registered to vote, there is still time according to Duck. The final day to file registration to vote is April 4 to be able to take part in the May 4 election. The two fastest ways to register is to stop by the Elections Office, inside the Howard County Courthouse or to apply online at and follow instructions provided. 
Simply put, according to Duck, vote centers are the same polling locations we currently use for countywide elections, but will allow any eligible voter in the county to vote their designated ballot at any of the county locations. 

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