Junior High Steers shine in TMSCA meet

Courtesy photo Shown above are state qualifiers: (back row, left to right) Sean Tan, Jaysena Roberts, Morgan Garrison, and Kortney Moore, (front row, left to right) Ananya Limaye, Zareth Castillo, Marco Tan, and Wyatt Cornish.
Special to the Herald
Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 3, the Big Spring Junior High TMSCA (Texas Math and Science Coaches’ Association) participants traveled to Andrews, TX. This was the last and final (qualifying) meet before state. There were multiple students that placed this past week. These students are as follows:
7th Grade Number Sense
5th Place- Kortney Moore
7th Place- Wyatt Cornish
8th Place- Morgan Griffith
9th Place- Ananya Limaye
10th Place- Emma Miracle
7th Grade Calculator
1st Place- Marco Tan
5th Place- Cheyanne Horton
9th Place- Morgan Griffith
10th Place- Ananya Limaye
7th Grade Math
1st Place- Marco Tan
2nd Place- Kortney Moore
4th Place- Zareth Castillo
6th Place- Ananya Limaye
7th Place- A'kalie Berry
9th Place (tied)- Morgan Griffith
9th Place (tied)- Emma Miracle
8th Grade Math
5th Place-Thalia Solis
7th Grade Science
1st Place- Wyatt Cornish
3rd Place- Kortney Moore
4th Place (tied)- Morgan Griffith
4th Place (tied)- Ananya Limaye
The Mathematics team also got first place! Out of the four meets, BSJH has received first place math team three times!
BSJH wants to give a shout out to their coaches and sponsors Ms. Sampay, Mrs. Kemp and Mr. Urias for their hard work and time in helping make TMSCA successful. Now, the countdown to state begins.

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