A new life for historic Big Spring church building

HERALD photo/Robert BarlowHERALD photo/Robert Barlow
Staff Writer

Progressing forward to a better Big Spring was the main theme at Friday’s dedication of the new St. Thomas Community Center.
With a generous donation and a huge effort from both the North Side Movement and the Ryan Foundation, new ground was broken in an effort to improve both the community as well as the city.
“As of today this will no longer be known as the St. Thomas Cathedral,” said Nati Saldivar of the North Side Movement. “But the quality of life and the things it provided will be continued.”
Brint Ryan, head of the Ryan Foundation and owner of the Hotel Settles, spoke about the importance of reviving the historic building and adding new life to the area. The property holds a special significance to the community, as well as to both Ryan and Saldivar because of their history with the building.
“Nati and I share exactly the same goal, to see Big Spring improve,” said Ryan. “Nati asked me to help, and when I saw the mission, it was hard for me to say no.”
Ryan called out to the community to step up and support this project and more like it by supporting similar efforts and standing behind the North Side Movement, as well as his foundation.
The new community center will serve as a venue for many different kinds of events, offering a new location on the north side of Big Spring, giving people in the area something to look forward to.