Paying it forward

HERALD photo/Tyler Schellie The photo above shows the 'Pay it Forward' wall that is hung up at The Mayo Sauce Family Diner here in Big Spring, Texas. The wall is designed to help people in need enjoy a nice home-cooked meal at the hands of generous Howard County citizens, or by whomever happens to stop by and contribute.
Tyler Schellie
Staff Writer

Brandi Mayo, owner of The Mayo Sauce Family Diner, has put in motion a great way to pay it forward to the less fortunate, to people who have no means of getting food, and those who struggle financially. A board filled with sticky notes written by people who donate to the cause is hung up on their wall, and allows for anyone who can't afford a meal to come in, pluck a note, and get a meal and drink of their choice. “This is a great way to not only help people who can't afford a meal, but it also pushes people in the right direction, gives a positive mindset and brings to light the idea of paying it forward,” Brandi Mayo said.

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