Pet safety on New Year’s Eve

Courtesy photo/John Moody
Staff Writer

As 2016 comes to a close, the resounding boom of fireworks may bring some comfort to many ready to say goodbye to this year, but for many pets, the commotion can be stressful and frightening.
Pet owners should consider taking a few extra precautions to keep their four-footed friends safe throughout the new year celebration.
“For most dogs who have similar storm phobias, loud noises or bangs any dog hears, even a gunshot noise can stress the animal,” said Shelbi Whitehead of Sierra Animal Clinic. “The best option is to bring the dog inside to a closed confined area.
“For dogs who are outside, the main issue if they hear fireworks – a lot of dogs panic and jump fences and take off,” Whitehead continued. “If you can’t bring the dog inside the house, find a safe place for them like a dog house or a kennel.”