Prom closet making fairytale nights for Big Spring teens

Staff Writer

Everyone needs their own fairy godmother to bippity-boppity-boo them a dress just like she did for Cinderella. With prom right a around the corner its a good time to start dress or tuxedo hunting, but the cost of prom dresses and tuxedos can get really pricey, and to have them worn for only one night to boot is even more cringeworthy. Lucky for Big Spring, we have our very own fairy godmother that offers prom dresses at a reasonable price, so that everyone can have their night of fun past the stroke of midnight.
The Prom Closet, located at Ryan Hall, 605 N. Main St., is run and owned by local resident Christian Rojas-Fair. She launched Prom Closet on March 15, 2013, as a project to recycle prom dresses and offer them to young ladies that may not be able to afford to buy one.
“Prom dresses can get really pricey: $600, $700; and not everyone has that kind of money to fork over, especially for one night,” said Rojas-Fair. “I wanted a place that provided really good quality dresses, and to make them affordable for everyone.”
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