Ripples of kindness

HERALD photo/Amber Mansfield One of Big Spring’s many blessing boxes, this one is located at Goldrush Discount Tobacco, 800 E 3rd St. by the drive through.
Amber Mansfield
Staff Writer

We've all know how one rotten apple can spoil a barrel full of apples, but can one person acting with a heart for giving, spread goodness in the world? Most would like to think that goodness can be catching and spread to others by doing these acts of giving and showing them that all you have to do it take action of it to start spreading. It doesn't take extraordinary heroics to trigger it. A simple human kindness, a teen stopping to shovel an elderly woman's walk; someone helping a blind person cross the street; a community rallying behind a family in need, can be enough to open our hearts and inspire us to help others. So when one local starting a trend that gives food back to those in need, he had always hoped it would catch on in his community, never did he think that it would take of a hold of people even further.
It all started when local Eric Escamilla created one blessing box here in town. Soon, Big Spring went from one box to 13 blessing boxes in less than a month.
"It's one thing for me to go out and do something but when people come together and people help people, good things happen," said Escamilla.

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