Songwriter to sing ‘Big Spring’ at renovated spring plaza

Canadian singer/songwriter Tom Newman poses by Big Spring's Historic Spring on the cover of his 2015 album "Big Spring." Newman's visit sparked the idea for the recently completed Historic Spring Restoration Project. Newman will return to town to perform the title song from his album at the restored spring Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.
Roger Cline
Staff Writer

A few years ago, singer/songwriter Tom Newman of Canada visited Big Spring, and that visit sparked the idea for the recent Historic Spring Restoration Project. Now, Newman is coming back the spring to perform his 2015-released song "Big Spring" on the outdoor stage at the site of Big Spring's namesake.
"The CD cover for my album features a photo, taken by (Big Spring resident) Aubrey Weaver, of me standing in front of the spring with my guitar," Newman said. "I casually mentioned to Aubrey that I thought it was a shame that such a significant historical site was not shown more respect, with garbage in the water and a lot of graffiti on the nearby features."
The comment resonated with Weaver.
"Aubrey said that he would approach the local council about doing something to upgrade the spring and its surroundings, and the rest is history," Newman said. "I can’t wait to see all the work that has been done at the Comanche Trail Park, when I visit Big Spring later this month."
Since then, the town's namesake has been completely renovated with a plaza constructed of native stone, featuring historic displays, lighted walkways, and scenic overlooks of the spring itself.

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