Voting Centers program topic of Town Halls

The Howard County Elections office is proposing Voting Centers for Howard County. To find out more about the program, the public is encouraged to attend one of the informational town halls set for this week. A public hearing will take place Friday during Commissioner's Court.
Amanda Duforat
Managing Editor

Voting could be taking on a different format for Howard County residents. Howard County Elections Administrator Jodi Duck and staff are working toward the possible implementation of the vote center program. In order to accomplish this goal, the Election Office is required to hold a series of informational town halls Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
“I am so very excited that Howard County has a chance to make the switch to vote centers,” Election Administrator, Jodi Duck said. “It’s taken a lot of planning and examining from all those involved, but the benefits to the voters of our county will be well worth the effort we have spent implementing the new process.”
According to Duck, vote centers would be the same polling locations used for countywide elections, but will allow any eligible voter in the county to vote their designated ballot anywhere in the county. Voters would have more flexibility when it comes to casting their ballots and would eliminate the need to check which polling place is assigned to which precinct.
“Ultimately, our goal is to make voting easier and more convenient for the voters of our county.” Election Administrator Jodi Duck said. “As always, we value the feedback of our constituents and encourage you to voice your questions or concerns.”
The security of the election process will remain and the election voting equipment will not be tied into an internet connection. The voting center poll book, at each location, will be connected to a secure internet connection that will allow the books to be instantaneously updated as voters check in and get verified. ...

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