What do I need to know about the city of Big Spring runoff election?

Runoff election is set for June 8. Find out more in the Wednesday edition of the Big Spring Herald.
Roger Cline
Staff Writer

Staff Writer
Howard County cities and schools recently held an election to replace 13 members of the governing bodies in Big Spring, Coahoma and Forsan. That election resulted in 11 new board members, but two races – the mayor of Big Spring and the seat for District 4 on the Big Spring City Council – resulted in runoff elections. Howard County Elections Administrator Jodi Duck recently provided some details you need to know about those runoffs:
• Who is running in the runoff election?
There are two races holding a runoff: Big Spring mayor and Big Spring City Council District 4.
Candidates running in the mayor runoff election are Shannon Thomason and Debbie Wegman; candidates running in the District 4 City Council runoff election are
Gloria McDonald and Shonda Folsom.
• Why is there going to be a runoff election?
A majority vote is needed to be elected; the law defines majority as receiving 50.1 percent of the vote.
• Why aren’t Coahoma or Forsan having runoff elections?
Because those entities engage in plurality races, not majority races. Where Big Spring is a “Home Rule” style government, Coahoma and Forsan’s smaller size classifies them as “General Law” cities.

For the complete story, see Wednesday's edition of the Big Spring Herald.